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January News @ Origins

It's been a very busy and exciting month at Origins. We had the official launch of our new Website. We look forward to keeping this interactive page updated with studio and class information and troupe news. You can also contact the studio directly from the site and we have links to our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages. It's a great way to keep update with Origins Dance Academy.

Origins is starting to prepare for the 2017 Story Book Recital on June 24th. Teachers are working hard choosing music, picking costumes and choreographing routines. It is important for all our dancers to maintain good attendance to have a successful show. It's such a reward to see all the dancers shine on the stage for their families and friends. We can't wait!!

This month Troupe member Daniella Costa was able to travel to Los Angeles with her family. While out there, she was able to experience classes at a variety of dance studios and learn choreography from some amazing LA professionals. She did so well, she was also requested to attend a special taping of a choreographed routine which can be seen on our Facebook page. It was the trip of a life time and she hopes to return soon.

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